The 2007 predictions have started…


The predictions for what we’ll see happen in 2007 are already beginning to circulate, and Robin Good has done a pretty good job in my view with his New Media Trends and 2007 Predictions: What’s Coming? entry on his blog.

In it he takes a look at 14 new media and web-related technology areas and trends he sees moving forward, providing a glimpse of what you are to expect for the next 12 months. Robin has done a good job of summarising and explaining what these trends are, and providing links to examples and illustrations. Anyone serious about remaining at the “leading edge” would do well to read this entry and keep an eye on the areas that Robin has identified.

On a lighter note, Lore Sj??berg lists his tech predictions for 2007 in Wired News. The one I liked best is:

Aliens from the planet Rylos descend upon the planet and reveal that they gave Nintendo the technology for the Wii so they could train and recruit young people to fight in their desperate interplanetary battle for freedom. One brave teenager volunteers to fight for them, but the war is lost when the wrist strap on his starfighter breaks.

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