LMS Tips – free book


I’m always a sucker for anything that is “free” – so when I saw reference to a free book titled 339 Tips on the Implementation of an LMS or LCMS from the eLearning Guild I had to have a look.

It’s a collection of tips and suggestions from professionals who have gone through the process of deciding about the implementation of an LMS or LCMS etc within their institution or organisation. All 339 tips are referenced to the person who made the comment, so you can easily distinguish the context that the person is making the suggestion from (eg education, business etc).

Probably not the sort of book that I’d spend a lot of money on – but a useful read to gain an overview of the considerations that need to be taken into account, and lessons learned from others who have been there before us. The Implementation tips are organised into ten major groups:

  1. Comprehensive tips: This is the largest single group. Each of these 105 tips addresses several key areas or best practices.
  2. Tips on change management and obtaining stakeholder buy-in.
  3. Tips on selecting and managing the implementation team.
  4. Tips on involving the IT Department in the implementation.
  5. Tips on project management.
  6. Tips on system management and configuration.
  7. Tips on testing and piloting the LMS/LCMS.
  8. Tips on training users.
  9. Tips on managing vendor relationships.
  10. Miscellaneous tips on a variety of topics: Some tips simply didn???t fit any category, but they are valid and worth considering.

These headings alone provide you with a useful framework for consideration when facing the task of implementing a LMS.

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