Creative Advent Calendar


Here’s a great idea for an advent calendar – sent to me by my friend Jonathan Furness from pupils at Stepping Stones School in the UK that caters for students suffering from hemiplegia, a condition, similar to cerebral palsy, affecting one side of the body.

These students have done a wonderful job with this calendar, with each day being made “live” in the lead-up to Christmas. These links open up a file (movie, image, cartoon etc) with a Christmas theme or message that has been created by the students. Well worth taking a look! And if you like it, why not leave a comment in their guest book?

One thought on “Creative Advent Calendar

  1. Hey – that was fun. Every year I look for some advent calendars to email to students. I’m sending you one of my favourites from 2006. Am still looking for this year’s version, if there is one.

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