Model of portfolio differences

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Interesting entry from Helen Barrett on her e-portfolios for learning blog in which she introduces a model of portfolio differences. The model is a response to what she sees as a lack of understanding between the use of portfolios for learning and for accountability. The model stems from the work of Dr. Evangeline Harris Stefanakis in her book, Multiple Intelligences and Portfolios, which contains a diagram placing portfolios along a continuum of Learning and Accountability. The model combines Stefanakis’s diagram and some of Barrett’s work, and is called the Stefanakis-Barrett Model of Portfolio Differences (PDF)

I rather like what the model portrays – particularly because it emphasises a continuum view rather than a binary choice, and in this respect complements the thinking I’ve been doing and writing about on the scope of the online learning environment.(PDF dowload), and the continuum model I’ve developed to show the differences between established and emergent approaches within our education system.

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