More about Shelfari

A few weeks ago I blogged about a newcomer to the social networking software scene called Shelfari. I’ve been adding to my collection during the weeks since then, and have also begun exploring with a couple of teachers ways in which this application could be used in a classroom context.

Recently I received a communication from Mark Williamson, co-founder & Board member at Shelfari who has shared with me a piece of code that will allow my shelf to be linked directly to my blog. That is what I am experimenting with here. Seems to work well, with the books on my shelf being dynamically displayed here within my blog.

The forward and back arrows allow me to scroll through my collection and the link to Shelfari takes me directly to my home page on Shelfari, which, thanks to the keychain in my Mac, automatically signs me in ready to go. However, having this centred as an entry in my blog isn’t where I’d prefer to have it, so I’ve suggested to Mark that he create a script that will allow me to put this in my side-bar, perhaps with the most recent book on my shelf, or the one (or 2 or 3) I am reading at the moment – with the same navigation arrows and links to my shelf in a pop-up browser window – now that would be really cool!

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