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It’s arrived – George Siemen’s book Knowing Knowledge, is now available. I have only just downloaded it and skimmed through, so can’t comment in detail, but have been following some of George’s thinking on his Knowing Knowledge blog in the lead up to this publication, as well as his Connectivism blog – and look forward to reading it with anticipation.

True to form, the book is available in a range of formats:
.pdf Download (free)
Book Wiki (for individuals to edit, change, discuss the book)
Colour Images (on flickr)
For Purchase (via Lulu – Amazon will be available soon)
Siemens says: “feel free to share with colleagues who you feel may find this discussion of interest…”

This is certainly a different type of publication – and is sure to generate some healthy debate and discussion. As Denham Grey says in his review of the book:

George is right – in some ways knowledge has and is changing. It flows faster, reaches more widely, resides in many more distributed spaces, is more closely tied to the individual, comes at us from a far richer ecology and requires new orientations. I wonder though, if the fundamental nature of knowledge has changed at all?.

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  1. Hi Derek! Great to meet you in person today at UCCE. I realised later why I felt I kind of remembered you from somewhere – because your blog is in my feed reader!

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