I’ve just been browsing through some of the presentations made to the recent K12 Online Conference – this site is a must for anyone wanting to learn more about new and innovative ways of using ICTs in teaching and learning. Among the offerings are:


One that took my eye was ???Wiki While You Work ??? by Mark Wagner from Irvine, California, USA. If you’ve got the time to download this video file and watch/listen it’s well worth it. Mark provides a very user-friendly overview of what the read-write web is all about, before looking specifically at the use of wikis.It’s not all talking head stuff – he does a couple of teacher interviews, and uses screen shots to illustrate his message – plus some imaginaative cutting from scene to scene to keep the pace of the presentation flowing and interesting. He even has a wiki that you can go to to read notes from the presentation and contribute ideas and suggestions etc – it’s at

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