Back to School with Web2.0


From time to time I blog about a new application or product that is available on the web that is part of the family of products under the “Web2.0” label. today, thanks to colleague Jedd Bartlett, I was introduced to a fascinating blog titled Solution Watch. The authors of this blog have compiled a comprehensive list of Web2.0 applications, organised under headings that all teachers will related to immediately. There are three separate entries on the blog:

There’s enough here to keep you reading websites for weeks – and I like the way the authors have also added an indicator of their favourites from among the lengthy list of options in each category.

So – if you’re looking for applicatons to assist you with note-taking, grade-books, organisers, curriculum help, or office applications – here’s a good place to start.

There’s a really interesting piece at the end of part two which explores the comparisons between various web-based word processors. Definitely a link to add to your account!

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