Women of Web 2.0


Here’s an interesting initiative started by four women from various parts of North America called Women of Web 2.0. According to their site; “Women of Web 2.0 is for all who are using the tools of the internet whether it be in a classroom setting, leading seminars, authoring books, maintaining blogs or wikis, or just enjoying the tools of the internet in an educational and exciting way.”

One of the women involved is Sharon Peters who I met in Montreal at last year’s AERA conference, and then visited her in her school where she is doing some really exciting stuff with her students.

Perhaps some of our Kiwi “women of web 2.0” might look at joining their community and contributing some of the experiences they’re having down this end of the world??

2 thoughts on “Women of Web 2.0

  1. Derek, thanks for the WOW2 mention… we would love to have some kiwis (even men) along with us!
    I hope to have another Montr??al-Christchurch exchange again this year between our students! My students from last year were so thrilled with their experience last year. Be sure to let us know when you next expect to be in North America!
    I look forward to reading your contribution to Coming of Age soon…. Cheers to all in your family and the rest in NZ!

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