Alice again…

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Have just been playing with Alice again at the Picton conference, preparing for a workshop with some teachers. There’s a great little feature in the program that allows you to save the file as a website.

Here’s a link to a nifty little “Penguins Game” that was created by Phillip Carroll, the 10 year old son of Greg Carroll, one of my colleagues at CORE. It’s impressive how the whole thing works together – although the instructions at the beginning of the animation haven’t embedded in this example, so to have some fun with it when it comes up on screen, you’ll need to try pressing the following keys to see what happens:
P and Q move the penguin’s heads.
L and A make them bob up and down
Space bar ends the game.

Well done Phillip – not bad for just 45mins introduction to the program!

2 thoughts on “Alice again…

  1. My “pecking pengins” game is realy cool. Unfortunatly I cant play it on the computer I’m using because I dont have Alice on it. But it is still a good game(the turitorial helped).
    Phillip Carroll(the creator of pecking pengins!)

  2. Just found your blog today (as well as Greg’s one), just what I was looking for. I am a French elearning instructional designer working for a Singaporean company and sometimes I *need* to look at the educational world, which seems more funny than what I am doing here (basic courses for banking people…sigh)

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