People Aggregator


New forms of social networking services are coming thick and fast at the moment – and here’s another, PeopleAggregator . PeopleAggregator is the product of 3 years of self funded work by developer Mark Canter to bridge the gap between all the online social networking services available and move the industry towards a standards-based place of collaboration.

The thing that is worth looking at with this product is that it is all about using open standards to prevent lock-in in one of the most important sectors of the new web – online social networking. will be a fully functioning online social network in and of itself, but it will share information with other services through common identity standards for our profiles and through APIs (application programming interfaces) for our writing, multimedia and contacts.

For more read the article in TechCrunch While the article itself is interesting, the comments it provide further insights into what some are thinking about the importance of this sort of interoperability – certainly a range of views!

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