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Just browsing the web this morning, searching for some information about Podcasting when I came across a whole heap of podcasts about Learning and Teaching in Scotland on Podcast.net .

These podcasts have been created by Learning and Teaching Scotland , an executive non-departmental public body sponsored by the Scottish Executive Education Department to help review, assess and support developments in learning and education, including the use of information and communications technology (ICT).

There’s a whole range of podcasts here that I certainly will take some time to come back and listen to – the only one I managed to hear today was from the principal of Notre Dame Secondary College (now renamed as Notre Dame Learning Community as it embraces local primary schools etc.) in a podcast titled ICT in A Curriculum for Excellence . This presentation provides a fascinating overview of an ICT professional development approach in Scotland, that has a lot in common with what we’re doing here in NZ!

Would be keen to know of any others on this list that peole have time to listen to or recommend…

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  1. Hi Derek,
    I have had a listen to some of the podcasts from Firrhill school which give an example of students with scottish accents speaking French.
    Ewan McIntosh’s blog often has interesting links and observations.

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