Personal Learning Environments


A most interesting podcast by Graham Attwell via The Bazaar in which he traverses a wide range of ideas behind the Personal Learning Environment. It refers to the origins of the PLE, in dissatisfaction with older forms of educational technology and concerns over institutional control. However it goes on to question whether the PLE is really the answer, suggesting the use of freely available Web 2 tools for learning might offer a better way forward. Well worth a listen!

(Thanks to Glen for referring this to me)

One thought on “Personal Learning Environments

  1. This is a great broadcast Derek. Thanks for the link. I found this great to listen to after participating in the LAMS trial last year. Good food for thought. The reservations he expresses about LMS’s is what I felt about LAMS but it wasn’t until exploring some of the mix of tools available that I thought about why there was a problem with it. Your session at TUANZ was helpful for giving me some other things to explore. Graham Attwell is right I think when he says that we have all the tools available we just need some help with appropriate use and a much clearer idea about what curriculum is.

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