RSS Feed Readers


One of the things attracting lots of attention in my talks during the recent TUANZ tour was the discussion about RSS , and the way in which RSS is used by (among other things) news websites, weblogs and podcasting.

I personally use the desktop feed reader NetNewsWire on my Mac for aggregating the RSS feeds from the blogs and websites that I read regularly. (similar programs are available for Windows machines, eg FeedDemon ).

I use a desktop reader for the same reason that I use a desktop email client to POP my mail – I like the flexibility of reading my mail offline when travelling etc.

For others, though, a web-based mail account or feed reader is more useful, so I was interested to read Frank Gruber’s State of Online FeedReaders article on TechCrunch this morning. Frank has had a look at 9 online feed readers (all available free, apart from ‘FeedLounge’), providing a useful comparison of each.

The article is worth a read in order to understand more about the features available in these readers – thanks Frank.

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