TUANZ tour begins

I’ve just started on the TUANZ tour which will weave its way through the country over the next five weeks, stopping at 12 locations. Keynote speaker in the mornings is Adrian Bruce from Australia who has a wealth of experience and good ideas from the classroom on how to integrate ICTs ino teaching and learning programmes.
I’m doing the afternoon slot, which culminates in a group discussion and sharing of ideas and identification of issues that are being recorded and linked with discussion forums in the Centre4 environment. The hope is that teachers who have attended the TUANZ events will take time to visit this environment and contribute further to the discussions that are initiated at the various venues.
Will be interesting to see how it develops…

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  1. Hi

    This is my second attempt it seems that there was an error with my first attempt. Just a note to say I enjoyed the day but alot to take in! Trying to think about how I can implemnt all learnt.

    Thanks for a good day


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