21st Century Learning Environments

I’ve been doing a number of presentations over the past week or so, mainly to new clusters and groups of teachers, talking about the “promise of eLearning” and how the use of ICTs can contribute to effective teaching and learning practices.

For some schools, the biggest challenge is understanding the true nature of 21st-century learning. Once this transformational concept is embraced, technology becomes a means to help boost achievement across the board.

eSchoolNews have gone through their archives to bring back some of their best content related to 21st Century Learning Environments They also point you toward several online resources where you can learn about how other educators are defining 21st century learning needs and transforming their instruction. There’s a plug for Promethean who have helped fund this initiative – but the list of articles provides a really interesting cross section of initiatives and projects that those interested in developing 21st Century Learning Environments will find helpful.

2 thoughts on “21st Century Learning Environments

  1. Hi Derek! Noticed your blog and thought I’d say hi! Get in touch some time. John (ex Panguru), currently principal St Bernards. School, Brooklyn, Wellington.

  2. I am looking forward to reading some of this material. Transformation is certainly essential. Innovative approaches are needed and this implies a need for educators who are brave enough to make change. The pull back to the way we have always done it is huge so we need to be able to justify our views by undertanding the research, global trends and pedagogical issues. Very exciting stuff so thanks for setting up you blog!

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