Electronics for our future

Reading an article titled Electronics for our future on Stuff this morning confirms for me that interoperability is the the key to the future of developments in the technology world at the moment.

To quote Intel’s chief executive, Paul Otellini; “In our mind, it’s not a battle between the various devices. It’s a battle to make all these devices work together.”

The article by Michael Herman reports on the four-day Consumer Electronics Show held last week in Las Vegas, the world’s largest showcase of consumer technology, attracting 2500 exhibitors, over 130,000 visitors and featuring presentations by global technology and electronics industries.

Herman leads with the statement that we should expect more convenience, personal control of content and portability from new consumer electronics devices.

Among the innovations reported on are:
– the developments with Blu-ray , the name of a next-generation optical disc format.
– the Sansa 200 – aiming to give Apple’s iPod a run for its money
– a new Wi-Fi phone produced jointly by Skype and Netgear
Vista , the next generation operating system from Microsoft.

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