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Here’s more evidence of the proliferation of free, quality educational resources on the Web that I came across this morning. I love the organisation’s strap line: “Connect, collaborate, change your world!”

The Development Gateway Foundation’s Open Educational Resources portal aims to equalize access to education and help people in developing countries improve their chances for a better life. The portal features free course materials and other educational content offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Chinese Open Resources for Education and other institutions around the world.

On my first browse through I found all sorts of interesting resources that would be useful at all levels, from primary school to tertiary, and some for community education. In the current climate of focus on the World’s energy problems, Dr E’s Energy Lab is one example that I found within a minute of visiting the portal.

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  1. What a fantastic site. Perhaps we could have a (free) educational resources links page on our new-look website ?

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