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I stumbled across this interesting tool this morning…

Imagine if you could:
– Easily collaborate with team members and clients spread across the world
– Stream content from online storyboards directly to live Flash media
– Streamline the process of eLearning design and development, saving time and money in the process

The QMIND?? Design Collaboration Platform enables project teams to collaboratively author and produce rich, interactive multimedia content.

The Design Collaboration Platform is described as an on demand multimedia authoring solution that integrates all the processes involved specifically in e-learning and rich media design, including: storyboarding, instructional design, project management, asset management, QA, and client review & feedback.

I found the QMIND?? Flash Demo interesting to view if for no other reason than it provides a simple summary of the whole eLearning development and production process. It would have been great to have a tool like this when I was working at the Correspondence School!

2 thoughts on “Collaborative Development Tool

  1. Hi Derek. After reading your blog, I was disappointed that your address in Christchurch today was about policy confusion and vacuums.
    All of us in the tertiary sector are struggling to do more with less, and meet the challenges of engaging students in T&L.
    You mentioned that schools are technically connected but teachers lack confidence to integrate technology in T&L with their students.
    I have been adapting a course on ethics and professionalism for business computing students at CPIT. Having done the quality control tasks of developing a course descriptor,from the NACCQ course prescription, and a course outline and diary, I have been guided in how to shape meaningful learning activities and assignments by the students themselves. They have gone from being disengaged at the back of the room, to developing PPTs on ethical issues, experimenting with wikis, being student actors in an ethics scenario mini movie, making robots on the Maggi noodles site, to check out marketing of products to kids, and so on. They want it to be fun,and interactive, with food! They’re aged between 17 and 45, speak 7 different languages, are mainly male, but with some strong cyberwomen among them.
    When are we going to let the lunatics out of the institutional asylums we call schools and let the kids get on with it?

    Cheers Diane McCarthy.

  2. Hi Derek… I saw a live demo of the QMIND system recently at a trade show (and then followed up with a personalized web conference demo). I was very impressed. QMIND has very strong storyboarding capabilities and looks like it will make working in distributed teams much easier.

    I’m an independent instructional designer, but work with other freelancers, such as graphic designers and Flash programmers. I have a project coming up and plan to use QMIND on it.

    Thanks for your reflections on this tool.

    -Frank B

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