Using a Wiki for a collaborative essay

I’ve just been browsing a fascinating paper titled An Introduction to Digital Environments for Learning by Dr Marielle Lange and Dr Jessie Paterson from the University of Edinburgh.
The paper is actually constructed in a Wiki, and is about the use of a Wiki to write a collaborative essay. It chronicles the writers efforts to put the assignment together, and each page in the Wiki contains a useful summary of the content of the page, together with the information that was collaboratively constructed.
I came across a number of useful links within the substance of the Wiki, including reference to some interesting web-based tools and projects that I’d not come across before, including:

  • Squeak Swiki , a modern, open source, highly portable, fast and full-featured implementation of the powerful smalltalk programming language and environment. (See also Squeak website)
  • The Haystack Project from MIT that is investigating approaches designed to let people manage their information in ways that make the most sense to them.
  • THe Oxyegen Project – also from MIT, which is seeking to enable pervasive, human-centered computing through a combination of specific user and system technologies.

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