AADES conference

I’ve just finished attending the three-day AADES conference here in Sydney Australia, where I presented one of the lead addresses this morning.

For me this has been the most well organised and professionally enriching conferences I’ve attended all year! The conference programme committee have done an outstanding job with the programme and keynote speakers they had at the conference. These included:

Lane Clark from Canada who challenged delegates to look at how we must act to prepare learners for their future, not our past.

Dr David Smith for Sydney who provided an illuminating address based on his years of reasearch and activity in the area of quality teaching.

David Langford from the US who talked about Improving the Quality of learning, drawing from his extensive experience of working with schools in Australia over the past ten years.

Bob Hince from Sydney who provided an amusing yet powerful insight into the importance of leadership.

Bruce Sullivan from Queensland, who used humour, passiona and lots of energy to share how we can keep on innovating with the endergy of a four year old almost every day!

The lineup of keynotes complimented each other in the thoughtful way they’d been arranged int he programme, and this was built on further through the various workshops that were run after lunch by distance educators who belong to AADES.

Well done to all involved!

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