Midnight Assembly

MIDNIGHT ASSEMBLY is a fascinating web site developed, I am informed by my colleague Derek Chirnside, by a 17 year old student living in Whangarei, NZ. The opening page reveals his motivation for developing the site:

    Many nights I sat at the computer very late at night, searching for others like me. Creatively inspired, thoughtful, deep, lost in a society that had lost touch of what made it human- imagination and creativity. I looked far and wide for a forum where these people would meet and discuss. However I found none, and out of that disappointment The Midnight Assembly was born

This young man has managed to amass a following of hundreds of other young people – the site statistics at the bottom of the forums page makes for interesting reading – to join him in this quest!

This is another example of a digital native using the technology to fulfil what Don Tapscott says in his book:

    ??For the first time in history children are more comfortable, knowledgeable and literate than their parents about an innovation in society??
    ??already kids are learning, playing, communicating, working and creating communities very differently than their parents.
    They are a force for social transformation!?? (Don Tapscott (1998) Growing up digital)

It’s certainly worth exploring the many and varied discussion forums within the site – it provides a useful insight into what the concerns and ideas that these young people have.

One thought on “Midnight Assembly

  1. Kia Ora Derek – and cheers, for this lovely mentioning.

    I am the 17 (now 18!) yr old you mention! The Midnight Assembly continues to grow and I often wake up in the mornings daunted by how much work is needed! Every week the scale of the project increases, as do the achievements to date.

    Your article is insightful and much valued, though I would stress to your readers that the M.A is very difficult to capture in a few words, and that I have masses of information and materials which I am happy to distribute amongst any who are interested.

    Our latest developments have concerned the setting-up of our org as a Charitable Trust – yesterday we gained ‘Approval in Principle’, yay! Almost there. As soon as we are fully incorporated expect to see a new website, a merchandise range, and an active fundraising campaign within a month.

    Would love to hear from anyone who would like to share some thoughts,


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