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Thursday at the Alt-i-lab conference in Sheffield
Today I’m attending a full day of workshops on ePortfolios – this morning is with the team from the Open Source Portfolio Initiative (OPSI) who are sharing where they’re at with the development of the Open Source Portolio product. It was useful to work through the online demo of the OSP to be able to visualise the way this product works – this demo is available for anyone to access and work through, providing you with a number of demo logins that have been populated to represent the view of different individuals.

The focus of our discussions this morning are the standards that underpin the OSP development. Release 2 of the Open Source Portfolio (OSP) [software] already makes extensive use of Sakai services and is technically built on the Sakai framework. Release 2.1 is planned for March 2006.

I see a lot of potential with where this project is heading, especially for us in NZ where we have plans for the use of ePortfolios as part of the Early Childhood ICT Framework, and the advantage we have with the National Student Index )NSI) which means we won’t be faced with as many problems of data exchange between and among organisations and institutitions.

Having spent much of the week with the good folks from CETIS, I am interested
in the overview and explanation of the technical terms that Scott Wilson has provided on his weblog.

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  1. Kia ora from New York. Nice to see you multitasking in your session Derek. Sherry and I are here just finished breakfast and checking todays emails. We are off to the Statue of Liberty and also Ground Zero. Check my blog later for pics etc. Kia pai to ra! Have a cool banana day!

  2. Hey dad

    My silly blog ain’t working again! Glad to see your doing yours. Have a good time in the UK see you soon!


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