Hi from London!

It’s been a few days since my last entry as I’ve been preparing for and then travelling to London, where, over the past two days, I’ve been participating in a meeting between the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) from the UK and The Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) from Australia.

The focus of the meeting has been to explore how we can work collaboratively together to progress the work in developing the e-Framework (formerly known as the ELF . The e-Framework is essentially a services oriented framework for education, and a lot of the initial work has been done on this by JISC.

Over the two days we spent time looking at a management and governance structure for moving ahead with this development, and today, we spent much of the time reaching agreement on the nature of the reference models that will be used to inform the work of the e-Framework. In the UK JISC has already advertised a Call for proposals to specify reference models for the e-learning framework. These projects are being funded through the Distributed e-Learning Programme. Total funding of ??750,000 is available for this work, with up to ??150,000 available per project which will be expected to start no later than March 2005 and run until 31 March 2006.

Enough of this detail however – more to come next week when I will be attending the Alt-i-lab event in Sheffield.

In the meantime, I’m about to travel up to Newcastle for the weekend to spend time with some Kiwi friends, watching the Lions play Otago!

2 thoughts on “Hi from London!

  1. Hi Derek – well the ?? amounts for their planning and development convert to a large fortune in NZ$$$… I guess the population is just a little bit bigger though…. Ha.
    Are the JISC developments will complement the work being done within the e-learning framework in New Zealand or are they taking a different track on this I wonder? Hmmmm it sounds interesting and exciting.

    And now to religion!!!! Ha
    As for the Otago-Lions game – Yawn… In fact, rugby like that is so very boring – a battering ram approach to attack with the backs constantly thwarted by a line of defence that closes the game down most of the time – In fact, the whole thing resembles rugby league in its attck and defence now… I think the Lions are hiding their good stuff for the tests… we will be hammered by that ranging forward pack in my opinion…. did you see the crossfield kick for a try!!!! Watch out the AB’s…

  2. Nick
    good question about JISC – this is the reason I’m over here – the direction they’re heading is exactly where we’re heading in the eLearning Framework in NZ, with a Services Oriented approach to technology implementation. No more large, monolithic systems proliferating all over the place. Instead, a range of more innovative, agile and purpose-led applications and services that can be combined within a Virtual Learning Environment.

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