Visit to BC Open School

Have just had a really interesting morning at the British Columbia Open School on Vancouver Island. Tim Winkelmans, the director, gave Vince and I a very comprehensive overview of what is happening with distance education for the compulsory sector within British Columbia. Worth a look is hte BC Open School website at , where you can see links to the three main areas of the organisation’s work:
– Content development
– Hosting WebCT as a provincial service
– Learning Object repository (still to be established)
The photo above show me with Tim Winkelmans, the director of the BC Open School. Tim has worked in distance education since the early 1990’s and provided a great perspective on both the pedagogical and political changes in open and distance learning at the school and tertiary level in British Columbia in that time.
We also looked at and discussed the work of the BC MoE which can be found at , especially the links to “Distributed Learning” and “BCEd Online”.

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  1. Hey dad, that’s all very interesting. blah blah blah. More importantly, We all miss you back at home! Hope you have a great time in Canada etc. We will look forward to seeing you whenn you get back.
    Love you heaps, Maddy

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