In a number of conversations recently i’ve been asked what Podcasting is. My simple answer is that it is audio blogging – but it’s not always helpful. Thus, when I came across the library site on the e-Learning Centre site I thought I’d put the link here to their Library entries on Podcasting. Included here are all sorts of links to definitions, explanations and technical information about Podcasting. Could be helpful!

3 thoughts on “Podcasting

  1. Hi Derek!
    Have a look at my blog entry on podcasting.
    I’ve been exporing it just recently.
    It doesn’t seem to want to let me put a link in here, so it’s in the url bit
    If you follow it through you’ll see that I have a podcast and have started using it to investigate teaching folk music.

  2. Cool – thanks Vix
    Some good advice here that I’ll follow up on. I haven’t yet set up my own podcast – here’s what i need to do so!

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