The New Learning Paradigm in School Education

A recent study identified the existing innovative trends in theories and practices in new learning environments in school education throughout the European Union. , an initiative of the European Commission provides a free adaptation of the summary of the report, titled The New Learning Paradigm for Schools .
The summary provides a number of key thoughts about the likely changes we’ll see as the new learning paradigm emerges:

  • The view of pupils as individuals.
  • Planning learning according to individual learning styles.
  • Focus on social participation.
  • Change in the teachers’ role.
  • From reproducing to constructing knowledge.
  • Reorganizing the learning situation.

This is followed by a section on the role of ICT, and then consideration is given to the Some of the main challenges that have been identified in the study are:

  • A need to evaluate in new terms.
  • Persistent sticking to tradition causes some problems for the New Learning Environments in several respects.
  • Doubts about new learning methods.
  • Doubts about reorganization.
  • Difficulties of independent learning.

There’s a link at the bottom of the page to the full (8Mb) report.

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