Earlier this week I was enthusing with a colleague about the potential use of the iPod in education, especially with the announcement of the picture-capable iPodsrecently. The I come across this site called the EduPodder . It’s a work in progress – no content there yet, but a useful description of what to expect…

    If you know how a desktop aggregator like NetNewsWire works, you know you subscribe to a set of RSS feeds. Using the aggregator you easily view the new stuff from all the feeds you have subscribed to together, or can see each feed separately. The format used is RSS 2.0 which supports enclosures.

    Podcasting works in a similar way. Except, instead of having to read the new content on a computer screen, you can listen to the new audio content on a portable device like an iPod as well as your computer.

The site’s creator, Steve Sloan has also got a EduPodder Weblog going to discuss the possibilities of “PodCasting”!
I’ll certainly be going back to this site to see what develops.

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