Interoperability in action

I came across this link to Interoperability in Action – A video presentation on Stpehen Downes list today, and spent an enjoyable 25 minutes watching the video presentation (quicktime movie download).

The clip demonstrates well the importance of IMS standards compliance in the development of learning objects. At TCS the team developing the in-house learning relationship management system (called akona) found the presentation particularly useful, reinforcing for them the decision taken to ensure all “Topic” development is SCORM compliant.

The web site intro says….

    The video has been produced to demonstrate the important role of interoperability and standards when creating and sharing learning materials. Using tools developed as part of the X4L Programme, the demonstration involves the transportation of content via the RELOAD content packaging tool, the creation of learning objects in a digital repository and how these can be reused to enhance a teacher’s learning material, through to delivering the finished object to the institutional VLE.

    We hope that the step-by-step instructions in this video will be a useful ‘how-to’ guide on using these systems. The video is approximately 25 minutes long and has a “chapters” feature for your convenience. Once running the video, you can click on the down arrow on the right hand side to see the chapter headings. Select one of the headings and the video will go straight to that point.

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  1. You’re absolutely correct, Albert – in my enthusing I’ve confused the two – although my comment regarding SCORM is still relevant with regards to the work that is being done on the akona product at the Correspondence School.

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