I came across this cool tool today. It’s called Webnote and is simply a web-based version of stickies (for mac users) or ‘turbonotes’ (for PC users). Seems a very simple concept – it allows you to quickly write something down during a meeting, class, or any other time that you have a web browser available.
You start by creating a workspace and creating notes in the workspace. You can save your workspace at any time and return to them from the same computer or any other computer. You can also share your notes with others by providing the workspace name (or url) to a friend.
The FAQ section of the site is an interesting read – as are the other sections in the menu. If you’d prefer, the source code is available for you to download and install on your own server, enabling you to password protect entry. There are also a number of nifty shortcut keys that allow you quite a bit of flexibility in terms of the layout and organisation of the notes on your screen.
I’ve set up a Webnote space to try over the next few weeks – already I am thinking of creative ways this could be used by kids to collaborate and share thoughts in their studies…. possibilities abound!

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  1. Hi Derek, I realise this is some time ago, but I’m interested to know how you got on with the webnote experiment. I’m helping a teacher friend deploy useful tools like this into his school (the kids are 10-12ys old)

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