The New Literacy

Came across this today and had to include it in my blog – what a great article for anyone wanting to access thoughts and ideas about literacy issues in the digital age. Material for The New Literacy article comes from the following new books:
– Information Literacy, by Sara Armstrong (Teacher Created Materials)
– Redefining Literacy for the 21st Century, by David Warlick (Linworth Publishing Inc.)
To quote from the article

    “The challenge to us as educators lies in keeping up with an information environment that has changed dramatically in the past 10 years, a decade during which the very nature of information has changed in appearance, location, accessibility, application, and communication. Thus, it is crucial that when teaching literacy to our students, we emphasize skills that reflect the information environment of the present, not the past.”

The article provides a useful overview of literacy issues as they relate to the conventional thinking about the three “Rs” – then provides insightful ideas relating to literacy and tools for exposing knowledge, music and maths, digital storytelling and online ethics among other things.
You’ll want to visit and bookmark many of the links referred to in this article!

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  1. To Derek
    Thanks for this great article. After having read it I emailed it to several friends on our ICT and Literacy teams.

  2. Thanks Derek,… and in some sense, never mind the keeping up – what about being generators of knowledge, leaders in this field of change? how does that happen?

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