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I’ve talked about this idea in various forums in the past, and in my work at The Correspondence School, have been actively looking at ways of incorporating a dynamic portfolio system into the student management system there. In recent months Deb Struthers from the MoE has been talking about the same sort of concept. To me, an electronic portfolio system lies at the heart of a truly learner-centred education system – life-long!

Well, here’s a group doing something about it: the ePortfolio Working Forum – a “PanCanadian ePortfolio project to promote and implement a seamless ePortfolio system for all Canadians” (NB PDF file)

This project is being coordinated by the Learning Innovations Forum, a non-profit corporation with a Pan-American focus. LIfIA’s mission is to promote learning innovations as they benefit learners, organizations and communities.??

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  1. Drill down a bit into this and they are still talking about ePortfoloio etc Derek. A pity I couldnt find examples of stuff they are doing. UBC is developing the time line tool and after talking to Tim from UBC also developing ealearning tools across Canada. I suppose a lot of this is still sensative like some of the stuff in Akona?

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