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Useful article in the recent edition of Educause Review – a paper by Joel Foreman titled Game-Based Learning: How to Delight and Instruct in the 21st Century. Foreman??s article is based on interviews he conduced with five leading thinkers in the field; James Paul Gee, J.C. Herz, Randy Hinrichs, Marc Prensky and Ben Sawyer. Well worth a read to gain an insight into how videogames can be used in academe.

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  1. This article was in Stephen Downes OLDaily, available at or sent by email. I’ve noticed that Derek often comments on articles from this source and it’s worth subscribing to. Are there any other sources that you, Derek, or others, recommend like this?

    I forwarded this gaming link to Andrew Carswell, one of the eLearning fellows who is exploring and creating virtual environments for senior science students with 3D animation technologies. He replied to say it was a great link, and it will be interesting to find out more detail next week in ChCh. Of course, the mention of ‘delight’ did not go unnoticed!

  2. You may be interested in our game based learning podcast. It’s called TalkingFavourites and we conceptualise game based learning much more broadly than arcade and video. We recently looked at multiplayer and mashup games for example.

    You can see the site and access the shows at

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