Distributed Knowledge Management

George Seimens shared the following reference in his latest newsletter:
Distributed Knowledge Management – a paper by Martin Roell, presented to BlogTalk 2.0 , The European Conference on Weblogs, Vienna, July 5th and 6th 2004.

Seimen’s notes…

    “Improving the productivity of knowledge workers is one of the most important challenges for companies that face the transition from the industrial economy to an economy based on information and knowledge (Drucker, 1999). However, most “knowledge management” efforts have failed to address this problem and focused on information management instead. This paper briefly explores the failure of traditional knowledge management to adress the problem of knowledge worker productivity and argues that a deeper understanding of knowledge work is necessary to improve it. It then explores knowledge work and how it is supported with information technology tools today, focussing specially on the email client as a knowledge work tool.”

I found the section on blogs very interesting, including the description of the various ways in which blogs can be used, the individual benefits of weblogs, the community building power of weblogs and the organisational benefits of using weblogs. Worth a read – and some discussion I feel!

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