Kidzlog 1.1.1

Seems to be a day for discovering all sorts of useful bits – here’s a most interesting one from the macupdate site – KidzLog . Having a seven year old sone who is now getting into ‘blogging’ this product sounds just the thing!

KidzLog is a weblog publishing tool for children. Even children who are just beginning to read and write should be able to create a weblog with KidzLog . A KidzLog weblog consists of chronologically descending posts, each post consisting of a picture, some text, or both. KidzLog provides a canvas and painting tools so that children can paint their pictures directly in the application. Pictures can also be dragged from iPhoto or the desktop to a KidzLog canvas in order to publish digital photos as part of a weblog.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Is anyone using this?

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