Lynley Marshall ?? Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Delivering audiences relevant, engaging and integrated education content across multiple platforms
Lynley’s address provided a stimulating insight into what the Australian Broadcasting Corporation are doing to create and make available high quality digital resources to support teaching and learning. A key point from her address: “The ABC’s focus is on providing online learning resources – not trying to become educators”.

Notes from Lynley Marshall
– Focus on providing an online learning resources ?? not trying to be educators
– How to continue to deliver educational content that is relevant, engaging and available across a range of digital platforms
– Current research on young people??s use of media provides insights??
o High level of use in their bedrooms
o More open to exploring technologies
o Interested in what the technology can do
o Open to exploring content in no0n-traditional devices (PDAs)
o Want to be in control of their learning environment
– 95% Australian homes have internet connection ?? last year first year that Aus kids accessed internet from home more than from school
– ABC aim to provide content across multiple platforms
– Responding to opportunities with new technologies and changing use patterns
– Eg – developed by ABC in collaboration with University of Melbourne.
– Site features detailed history section, online stories and games, who??s who database
– Available as full flash or html only ?? missed media ?? audio, cartoon/video, text etc. Great online video clip presenting traditional story then in contemporary context with modern music.
– Big Question ?? what is the contribution of this sort of online content to learning outcomes?? (ie is this entertainment or education? How do children learn from engaging with games and interactive content of this nature??)
– Feedback extremely positive about the use of a variety of genres to engage learners (music, games, text, database, ??ask an oracle?? etc.)
– Second area ?? science-related content. Ref site – an irreverend look at environmental issues ?? introducing issues and themes related to environmental issues through games, fun ?? but depth of authentic information contributed from collaborative partners (universities)
– Working with Murdoch University to look at interactive television use in education ?? focusing on opportunities arising from uptake of digital television sets.

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