Video conferencing grows up!!

Earlier I blogged about my chat on a plane with Jason Ediger, an Apple Distinguished Educator from California and the site he has developed specifically for iSight users. Check out iSightEd and see if there is a project here that you could link to using your isight camera.

This site is even more significant in view of the latest news release from Apple regarding their new operating system called “Tiger”. Among the new features is an updated version of iChat AV that supports multi-audio and video chat: up to three other people for video and 10 total people for audio.
Apple is also adding H.264 support to iChat AV, which brings a great improvement to the quality of video chat.
The only downside is that Tiger and the new version of iChat AV will not be available until early 2005.
Another interesting announcement is the release of AIM 5.5 which means that PC users will now be able to link with Mac users in the multi-point iSight environment.
For an interesting description about video conferencing, compression and standards take a look at the powerpoint presentation available at Periscope , by David Preece, and impressive young person with whom I’ve been working here in Wellington recently.

6 thoughts on “Video conferencing grows up!!

  1. Hey Derek – this is really exciting!!!! lets lead the way in ridding the coms system of ultraformal communication and overstructured learning. The ability to spontaneously use iSite to drag in 3+ confrencees and also interact with their Blog is an awesome prospect – keep the info coming

  2. It’s good to see corporations like MS and apple are rapidly introducing online video conferencing. This saves a lot time for people with multiple workplaces as they can communicate with their workforce from almost anywhere arround the country or even globe in some cases.

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