NECC day 1

After a harrowing 27 hours of travelling I finally arrived at the NECC conference in New Orleans on Saturday evening.

On the flight from LA to New Orleans I sat next to Jason Ediger, an Apple Distinguished Educator from Orange County, California, who has established and runs the iSightEd website, a place for educators using Apple’s iSight technology to connect students via video conferencing. There’s a spot on his site to enter your details and be connected with other iSight educators from around the world – Cool!

Spent a good part of Sunday looking around New Orleans before joining the other international conference delegates at the welcome, followowed by the opening keynote speech by Malcom Gladwell of The Tipping Point fame. Having read his book a couple of years ago I was really looking forward to hearding him speak and was not disappointed!

A formal conference opening ‘bash’ was then held on the waterfront, with a free tour of the aquarium thrown in, and a genuine Cajun band to entertain us!

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