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Having invested a large amount of my time last year (and some this year) in putting together an eLearning Framework discussion document for the Ministry of Education, I was interested to come across this paper today, (E-Learning Strategies – Embrace or Eschew?) which asks a fundamental question – do we need one?
The author asks, quite rightly, With all the discussions happening in Britain (and just beginning in Canada) about e-learning strategies, it seems relevant to step back for a second and ask whether we need one at all, to ask whether “e-learning [is] really so special and different from what we know about pedagogy and student learning that, instead of viewing it as an integral part of a learning and teaching strategy, it requires a special strategy all of its own?”
There is a balanced list here of the pros and cons of having a separate eLearning Strategy – worth a read.
From my own perspective, I avoided using the word ‘strategy’ in the work I did, preferring instead to use the more embrasive notion of a “Framework”, the idea being that, at present we need a Framework that enables us to understand the relationship between the various (and often competing) dimensions of eLearning.
I’d have to say that philisophically I’d agree with the idea that there is a built-in redundancy in an eLearning Strategy, but until all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, a framework will serve us well (for all the “pro” reasons listed in this article).

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  1. Thanks Derek an interesting read. I would add two points to the ‘against’ list. The first is the domination of discussions by ‘techies’ – sorry to all who consider themselves in this bracket but you have no place in such discussions:^) The second is that a strategy and perhaps a framework assume there is ‘an’ answer. There are many examples of the great and the good getting ‘futureology’ very very wrong. And a positive note, a framework sounds much better to me Derek, more wriggle room and less prescription! Will it be published?

  2. Stephen
    Thanks for the comment – regarding the framework, it ought to be available at some stage, but at present it remains MoE internal discussion document. I’m proposing introducing some of the strategic thinking within it through my blog as I am able.

  3. Many thanks for posting this – much food for thought and some interesting links. e-learning is pretty much a ‘blanket’ term that encompasses all kinds of learning facilitated by electronic technologies, including (increasingly) mobile technologies. Stephen makes a good point – there is no one right strategy. What we need are e-learning strategies that are ‘horses for courses’.

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