Blog Software Breakdown

With all of the interest in blogs being shown recently I thought the following link might be of interest.
The guy who has put this together has put in many hours of hard work creating a table comparing the various pieces of Blog Software that are available. In addition, he explains quite a list of the features that the various pieces of blog software may or may not inlcude.

3 thoughts on “Blog Software Breakdown

  1. The wide range of comment regarding features just shows the amazing complexity of all these softwares. Even knowing what half tyhe features mentioned mean would be an achievement…

  2. Phew! That’s pretty exhaustive! I started one of those tables, i spent a weekend once trying to decide which blog tool to go with. You need to know that I wrote my own tool about 3 years ago in the days when blogging tools were very few and far between. So actually, choosing a tool that was never quite all there was always going to be a challenge.

    I opted for Drupal by the way….i noticed that Drupal wasn’t reviewed…pity, cos in many ways it is far more flexible and extendable than Moveable Type

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