Learning Objects

Learning objects are getting a lot of press at the moment. The creation, storage, discoverability and reuse of them are all issues that are the focus of much debate. Here are a few recent articles that I’ve come across with lots of links within them for those curious about these issues.

  1. Moving from theory to practice in teh design of web-based learning using a learning object approach
    This paper is mostly useful as an overview of the major concepts of learning objects as they may be applied in a practical setting.
  2. Design Issues Involved in Using Learning Objects for Teaching a Programming Language within a Collaborative eLearning Environment
    “This paper presents three case studies that seek to maximize the use of freely available and reusable learning objects in their course design,” write the authors.
  3. Learning object repositories, digital repositories and the reusable life of course content
    this article explains some of the similarities and differences between good old Content Management Systems and Digital Object Repositories. A useful overview article for those with an interest developing in this area, with links to object repositories including the Learning Federation project of which NZ is a part.

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