Thought Leadership

Derek is regarded as one of NZ education’s foremost Future Focused thinkers in education. He has been at the fore-front of researching, writing and sharing ideas about trends and developments in education for more than 30 years.

In 2008 he was recognised by the George Lucas Foundation as one of their ‘global six’ educators making a difference in education.

Derek is a regular speaker at conferences and events both nationally and internationally, and shares his presentations in Slideshare.

Derek is committed to the open sharing of ideas that can benefit the wider education community and you can find some of this on the FutureMakers website:

Derek’s Blog – this has been running for 20 years and has posts covering a wide range of topics relevant to all areas of the education system.

Thought Pieces – short papers addressing particular themes and ideas relevant to educators seeking to transform their practice and the system as a whole.

What I’m Reading – a regularly updated list of books that will be of interest to other educators.

Keep up with his thinking…

  • Derek curates a collection of links and publications on his Modern Learning Practice topic on
  • He regularly shares links and ideas on Twitter @dwenmoth
  • And you can connect with him on LinkedIn to read what he shares there.


Derek Wenmoth is brilliant. Derek connects powerful ideas forecasting the future of learning to re-imagine education and create resources for future-focused practices and policies to drive change. His work provides guidance and tools for shifting to new learning ecosystems through innovations with a focus on purpose, equity, learner agency, and lifelong learning. His work is comprehensive and brings together research and best practices to advance the future of teaching and learning.  His passion, commitment to innovation for equity and the range of practical, policy and strategic advice are exceptional.

Susan Patrick, CEO, Aurora Institute

Derek is available to address your staff, community, conference or event. If you’d like to discuss this please contact