Centralised change efforts are inherently complex, slow and costly
Localised friction-free transformations are simple, fast and frugal
Friction-free transformations succeed by unleashing the ingenuity of teachers by embracing experimentation

Simple tools, game changing outcomes!

Introducing the Friction-Free Platform for Transformational Change!

Three Phases, Nine Modules

Phase One:
  • Pinpoint the sources of resistance and push-back
  • Master the power of self-persuasion (helping people persuade themselves)
  • Engage key stakeholders
Phase Two:
  • Monitor levels of trust, confidence and resolve
  • Make it easy to do what matters most
  • Frame your novel ideas as familiar and friendly
Phase Three:
  • Make experimentation a core capability
  • Subtract things no longer required
  • Scale and share your ideas on the Digital Octopus

Platform Features

A suite of self-persuasion (friction dissolving) tools

Nine modules to break the challenge into achievable tasks

Friction-free navigator to track progress and supports on each project

In-house social laboratory where experiments are designed and monitored

Digital octopus: how we collaborate and scale our discoveries

Engagement Options

Click on the image to download our engagement options planner to discover how you might engage with the Friction Free Transformation Platform. There are three phases suggested:

  • Executive overview
  • Designing a transformation
  • Delivering on a transformation

Contact us to discuss your needs and find out about pricing.

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Our Team:

Harry Mills is an international authority on the art of persuasion, negotiation and behaviour change. He is the subject matter expert on persuasion for the Harvard Manage/Mentor program, and author of 18 books on influencing, negotiation, persuasive communications and behaviour change. He designed the world’s first friction-free change platform which enables community based organisations  to triple their number their numbers of successful innovations and change experiments. He has worked with Toyota for over 30 years on continuous improvement projects. His clients include global corporates including Ericcson and Oracle, the Big 4 accounting firms, DHBs, Maori heath agencies, government agencies and NGOs working on climate change projects. On graduation, Harry trained as a teacher and has written 11 history and social studies texts. He has worked with primary, secondary and tertiary institutions

For more: https://www.ahaadvantage.com/

Derek Wenmoth is regarded as one of New Zealand’s foremost future focused thinkers in education. He has worked with schools, tertiary organisations and ministries of education in New Zealand and internationally to design and implement innovative approaches in education.
With a background as a teacher, principal, teacher educator and education policy advisor, Derek has been involved with a wide range of change initiatives, and has helped create policy and strategies to enable the implementation of future focused learning systems.
In recognition of his work in education, Derek was designated one of 2008’s “Global Six” by the George Lucas Educational Foundation which recognizes individuals making a difference in education.
For more: www.futuremakers.nz