Time to re-think?

Photo Credit: Derek Wenmoth School buildings should be opened and used twenty four hours a day.  Nikki Giovanni Question: What do schools and shopping malls have in common? Answer: We’re still building them based on an outdated premise. The image at the top of this post was taken on the door of a store in a shopping mall I visited during my trip to the US recently. The mall was the size of some of the larger ones we have here in New Zealand, and more than half of the shops inside were like this one – closed. There were … Continue reading Time to re-think?

Recombinant Education

As disruption continues to impact our education system, are we prepared to make the tough calls and make the significant and bold steps required to operate as an ecosystem? Or will we continue to shift the deck-chairs on the titanic and put our faith in yet more cycles of ‘back to basics’ campaigns that will continue to fail our kids and their future? Continue reading Recombinant Education

Hybrid Learning and ChatGPT

Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev on Unsplash In my previous post I shared the responses made to five questions asked by my friend and colleague, Nick Billowes, about hybrid learning as he was pondering the future for schools in 2023. I can now reveal the truth behind these responses… they were 100% generated by the AI, ChatGPT Having read much about ChatGPT over the past two months, Nick and I decided to actually give it a go and see just how easy to use ChatGPT is, and how accurate the information provided is (particularly given the many reports about the limitations of this technology). … Continue reading Hybrid Learning and ChatGPT

Hybrid Learning pt.1

Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev on Unsplash My friend and colleague, Nick Billowes, recently asked five questions about hybrid learning as he was pondering the future for schools into 2023. Here are his questions and responses: What is the potential of applying practices of hybrid learning within a schooling educational context as we look to new ways of rekindling learner engagement? Hybrid learning, which combines in-person and online instruction, has the potential to rekindle learner engagement in a schooling educational context. By utilizing online resources, such as videos, interactive activities, and virtual simulations, students can have more control over their learning … Continue reading Hybrid Learning pt.1

Resilience Required NOW!

Photo by Wang Whale on Unsplash What if 2023 is more disrupted than 2022? What if there are more of these empty desks? Would we be prepared? Most who know me regard me as an optimist, someone who looks on the ‘bright side’ of things. Certainly, throughout my career I have had the privilege of being involved in a wide range of innovative and ‘hope-bringing’ initiatives. Some may say it’s a result of how I’m wired, and there’s bound to be truth in that. But another reason is that I’ve always had a fascination with emerging ideas and innovations, and … Continue reading Resilience Required NOW!

Roadblocks and Drivers

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash Please complete the simple survey at the bottom of this post to help me understand more about what is driving and what is getting in the way of transformational change in our educational system, at all levels from government to the local school context. Over recent months readers of this blog will have noticed that I have focused a lot on the issue of transformation and change in our education system. My last post titled ‘the time is now‘ highlights the strength of the call for some fundamental shifts towards a more radical and … Continue reading Roadblocks and Drivers

The Time is Now

It would appear that there are many education systems around the world that are beginning to think this way – perhaps finally realising that our education systems are no longer fit for purpose, despite decades of attempts at incremental change and policy re-alignment. There appears now to be calls for a fundamental shift towards a more radical and transformational view of what education could be and can become. Continue reading The Time is Now