Making effective use of VLEs

I’ve been enjoying hosting a hotseat within a Master’s programme at Middlesex University in the UK – one of three I am doing for them. It’s something I can at least do from home while the earthquake has limited my access to my work environment. The topic for the current hotseat is “making effective use of VLEs” (substitute LMS for VLE and it’s pretty much the same thing). There are an increasing number of UK schools making use of a VLE to support teaching and learning activities, and I was invited to facilitate some discussion in this course about what … Continue reading Making effective use of VLEs

2009 Horizon Report

The 2009 Horizon Report (NZ and Australian edition) was released today at the National Broadband Network Symposium at Griffith University. Again this year I’ve had the privilege of contributing to the development of this report – and again, I feel the value for me has been in the rigor of the thinking and exchanges that took place in deciding what things should be included and what should be left out (and why etc). This year’s report has the usual list of technologies to watch out for, and the possible impact on education – plus it has some interesting sections on … Continue reading 2009 Horizon Report

Measuring the right things

I’ve just read a fascinating publication from Microsoft titled “Interoperability: Improving Education” which came about as a result of 10 or so educators and ICT practitioners who were brought together by Microsoft for a meeting running alongside the annual NAACE conference held in Blackpool, England, earlier this year. The brief was to talk about the way that schools use pupil data. And the wisdoms that ensued are contained in an new Microsoft discussion document for school leaders and local authorities, “Interoperability: Improving schools” (download the PDF here). The contents of this paper provide timely insights for NZ educators because it … Continue reading Measuring the right things

8 ways cloud computing may change schools

Over the weekend I struggled with making my votes for this year’s Horizon Report (NZ/Australia version) – partly because I wanted to vote for more than I was entitled to, and partly because so many of the things we were considering individually are now becoming increasingly connected and inter-related. One of the things that emerged again as a strong contender for inclusion was cloud computing – which also  made last year’s list of 1-2 years to adoption. Without doubt, cloud computing is making its mark across the wider spectre of business as well – and so I was interested to … Continue reading 8 ways cloud computing may change schools

Ten Trends at Learning@School09

The Learning@School conference is rollicking along in Rotorua at the moment, with keynote speaker on day one, Andy Hargreaves, setting the scene with challenges to us all about the need to take account of the whole context and culture of our school when considering change and development. Pam Hook had the audience spell-bond also with her “Hooked on Thinking” ideas and strategies. Unfortunately for me I am missing the conference, and have had to rely on my Twitter feeds, text messages and the odd call to keep me posted. Having made it to the opening of the conference I’ve had … Continue reading Ten Trends at Learning@School09

21st Century Learning Environments

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills in the US has just released a white paper titled 21st Century Learning Environments, (324Kb PDF) which has been my most significant find this month (and likely to be a key focus of my thinking for the next few months!). Through the discussions in NZ over recent months about the use of LMSs, and recent posts I’ve made about VLEs in the UK, I’ve been also thinking about my experience through last year with Albany Senior High School and the amount of thinking and work that went into the design of the physical environment … Continue reading 21st Century Learning Environments

Supporting interoperability…

My previous post appears to have exposed concerns shared by others about the way in which VLEs/LMSs etc are being integrated and used within our schools. The idea that the “promise” of these systems has yet to be realised is due in part to the change in pedagogical practice that is required of those using them, and in part also beacuse of the rapid changes in the technologies upon which these systems are built. As we see a move away from a ‘walled garden‘  approach to a more open and configurable concept of a learning management system (or any system … Continue reading Supporting interoperability…

VLEs slow to take off

There’s a saying I’ve heard repeatedly made at conferences around NZ in recent years; “It’s not the technology, it’s the pedagogy“. Problem is, when it comes to support for ICT at a system level we still see a lot of emphasis on making the technology available based on the assumption that the professionals working in the field will have the pedagogical nouse to constructively adopt and implement it. Learning Management Systems (also known as Virtual Learning Environments) are a good example it seems. A recent report from Ofsted in the UK based on a study of of virtual learning environments … Continue reading VLEs slow to take off

Online Conferences/Seminars of interest…

Just back from my trip to Malaysia, this week I begin work on the final report – and in mys “spare” moments will be participating in two online events: SCoPE online seminar – Personal Learning Environments Derek Chirnside (from University of Canterbury) and I will be leading a three week discussion on the topic of Personal Learning Environments – referred to the tools and processes that enable us to take greater control over our learning experiences. We’ll be leading discussions on how our understandings of PLEs may change the way we teach and learn. I’m presenting the third keynote in … Continue reading Online Conferences/Seminars of interest…

Ten Trends for 2007

We’ve added a new logo on the right hand side of the CORE website -titled CORE’s Ten Trends for 2007 Clicking on this logo will take you to a list of ten trends that we’ve identified as being particularly important in 2007. The aim is to create some dialogue around some of the things that are happening in the NZ context regarding the use of ICT in education. The emphasis is on looking at the bigger picture, rather than the things absorb our time every day at the “coal face”. I will be using these ten trends as the focus … Continue reading Ten Trends for 2007