Tracing family history

Working my way South from Amesbury to Cornwall, I’ve managed to spend a couple of hours in Liskeard and then St Ive (not St Ives) on the way to Penryn. At Liskeard I found the shop (now a hairdressers) that used to be the Wenmoth and Son foundry, and in St Ive I visited the graves of my great grandfather and great grandmother, along with my great great grandfather and great great great  grandfather. The experience of the day had me reflecting on the significance of knowing one’s family roots, and of being able to traces some connection, not only with the people, but with the land they come from. In my case, Cornwall, where my line of relatives have worked variously as tin miners, farmers and foundry workers for generations.

Another highlight of the day was when we visited the hotel just up the road from the church and found we were there just in time to see the last fifteen minutes of All Whites – Italy game at the Football World cup!

Photos the the right show…

Top: my sister and I in front of the shop that used to be the Wenmoth and Son foundry

Middle: My sister and I with the three Wenmoth ancestor graves (interestingly, all three are named Nicholas!)

Bottom: a view of the church at St Ive where the graves are found.

For more photos from the trip see my flickr photostream.

6 thoughts on “Tracing family history

  1. Hi Derek
    I see that you are living in christchurch and have researched Wenmoths back in Cornwall , are you related to Edward or Nicolas who came from Cornwall to nz in their early twenties??. Nicholas who died in christchurch was my great great grandfather. I have being dabbling in my family tree and will one day travel to cornwalll to see where the two young brothers came from.
    I wonder if Nichloas or Edward ever saw their parents again after coming all the way to NZ?
    Any info you wish to share would be greatly appreciated
    Glenn Williams

  2. Came across this info by chance. I was told that my family orinated in St. Ive, but my family name is Whenmouth. Have you been contacted by a guy from Penryth, Charles Wenmoth who was out here in New Zealand a couple of years ago doing family research. Cheers Martin Whenmouth

  3. Hi Martin – we’re almost certainly related – I spent time with Charles (Chaz) while I was in Cornwall and went through the family history with him. There’s a chap who lives in Akaroa with the same surname spelling as you who I found tracks back his family history to the same great great grandparents as I have -seems the spelling of surnames at that time was a matter of how the church clerks heard it and spelled it 🙂

  4. Derek, the chap at Akaroa, is my brother Ian Richard Whenmouth. He used to run the genral store there but has since sold up. Our parents George Edwin Whenmouth and our mother Winifred Mary have for some time been deceased. We have an uncle (94 years old) Norman who lives in Whangarei, where we originally settled in NZ back in 1964. If you would like any more info please don’t hesistate to message me. Cheers Martin

  5. Hi Derek, We are planning a UK trip in 2019, so have asked Chaz if he thinks it worthwhile to visit St Ive. Could be a bit spooky finding the graves of our ancestors. Cheers Martin Whenmouth

  6. Hi Derek. I am Ian whenmouths only child. I was adopted out at two weeks old. Born in catch. Now living in palmy.
    I have met uncle Martin and aunty Liz in Auckland. Also I met a couple of times with my birth grandmother Mary. I am trying to relocate Ian and his wife deb. You can check out my Facebook page if you want. So you would be another uncle or cousin to me.
    Vicki Engu

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