Meeting the Fonz

Henry Winkler introduced himself at the conference as; “an actor, a director, a producer, an author of 17 children’s books – and labelled in the bottom 3% of learners in the US“. It turns out that Henry (The Fonz) struggled – and suffered – throughout his school years with unidentified dyslexia. His decision to write stems from that experience, and the result is a series of books about Hank Zipzer:The World’s Greatest Underachiever, which recounts the hilarious adventures of a resourceful, wisecracking fourth-grader – who also happens to have dyslexia.

I took the opportunity to get up close and personal with Henry by purchasing one of his books and getting him to sign it – and we ended up in conversation about his fishing trip to New Zealand some years ago – turns out he’s a keen angler, and visited some of our best fishing spots!

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