Ten Trends on EdTalks

I spent a most enjoyable day in Dunedin on Friday with the teachers staff from Taeiri College and Kaikorai Valley High School on their professional development day. My morning focus was a presentation on CORE’s ten trends – a presentation that I’ve now been asked to repeat in several settings after first giving it for this year at the Learning at School conference in Rotorua. The idea was to set the scene for the day with some ‘big picture’ thinking – and the ten trends are certainly good for that! The feedback after the presentation confirmed my belief about the importance of taking time to consider these bigger picture ideas, and to ensure that our actions for the present are in some way linked to a longer term horizon that we have thought about and set targets and goals to achieve.

Since arriving back from Dunedin, my colleagues at CORE have completed the upload of a series of videos we created to complement our Ten Trends web materials. These short video clips are intended to be used as discussion starters in staff meetings, or ignition points for workshops etc. I hope you’ll find them useful 🙂

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