Intro to cloud computing


Commoncraft have just released a 3 min intro to the basics of cloud computing which is a welcome addition to the great work they do. An evaluation copy of the video is available to view here.

Using a simple story of a growing florist business, this video explains the basics of cloud computing: how it works and why it makes sense for businesses and individuals.

  • The difference between on-site computing and cloud computing
  • The financial benefits of cloud computing
  • What makes cloud computing secure and efficient
  • How cloud computing impacts consumers

Purchase details are included on their site.

One thought on “Intro to cloud computing

  1. Great video as usual, but! no mention of intellectual property issues. These prevent our (Canadian) institution from leaving stuff in the (American) cloud, because the Patriot Act means the government can go snooping with impunity. Thanks Derek. I just discovered your blog and see many interesting things here.

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