UK diary #2 – Terry Freedman


I’ve just returned from a very enjoyable evening out with Terry Freedman (next to me) and his wife Elaine (far left) – along with my colleagues Ali Hughes and Richard Millwood from CORE. Terry and I have been corresponding for a few years now after connecting through our blogs (BTW Terry’s new blog is looking impressive!)

Our meeting reminded me of the content of the research reported in my previous blog on social isolation and new technology, illustrating how, at least for me, the internet has provided an opportunity to extend my social network in ways I couldn’t have done previously, to be able to connect with people such as Terry and exchange ideas and information that has helped build my professional understandings.

I’ll look forward to seeing Terry again in Singapore next year where we’re both scheduled to present workshops at the same conference.

One thought on “UK diary #2 – Terry Freedman

  1. Great to meet you and Ali for the first time, and Richard again! Agree with you about extending social network! Thx for nice comment about new site! Will write my own post about our meeting once I have managed to get Outlook, and hence email, working again. AAAARGH!!

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